21 - 22 February 2017
JW Marriot Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

Sanil Namboodiripad

Head - Asset Management / O&M
Sterlite Grid Power Ventures Ltd

9:45 AM [Panel Discussion] Smart Maintenance Strategy Approaches to Avoid Equipment Failure

  • How targeted is your maintenance plan, and how focused is it on addressing the most likely sources of failure?
  • Lessons learnt from risk-based maintenance for laser-focused attention on the most vulnerable parts of a plant
  • Is your time spent on inspection and scheduled maintenance well-invested?
  • Eliminating unnecessary paperwork and streamlining MRO processes for time-efficient, cost-effective maintenance

1:30 PM [Case Study] Evading Failure Multiple Times a Year with a Customised Early Warning Predictive System Built to Suit In-House Needs

·         When no single solution seemed to fit: Experience-sharing from a journey in customising not 1 but 3 data solutions, to build a bespoke diagnostic data analysis system
·         How effective has this been for ensuring maximum reliability of our power supply from generation to transmission?
·         Critical priorities in project management and addressing issues in integrating physical and software elements
·         What are ongoing technical needs in maintaining data storage, analysis and reporting alerts, and what are the long-term cost-savings?
·         Lessons in hindsight: ways to shorten the implemention and software development period

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Sanil .

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