21 - 22 February 2017
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Top 5 Causes of Boiler Slag

From the beginning of the steam production industry to present day, boiler slag remains a perennial problem for thermal power plant operators. As coal and other fuels combust, molten ash and incombustible byproducts will eventual cool and form a layer of slag which sticks to furnace components such as waterwalls and areas around outlets.

This article looks at some of the causes of Boiler Slag. 

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How the World’s Most Efficient Power Plants are Saving Millions of Dollars

Digital power plants have arrived. It’s now possible to create a “digital twin” of all the systems and sensors in a particular plant, allowing utilities to model and manage every aspect of the power generation ecosystem. This is just one of the cutting edge technologies that are helping the world’s most efficient power plants enhance their operations and maintenance, saving them millions of dollars in the process. Download this exclusive article to learn about the companies already trialling this technology and other solutions like it.

How to Speak the Language of Asset Management

In this article, Daniël Pairon, Lead of the KPMG Global Competence Center for Physical Asset Management explains the growing interest in asset maintenance for power plants and gives his advice for industry professionals looking to begin their asset management journey.

3 Strategies for Power Plant Lifecycle Cost Analysis to Increase Your Asset Profitability

Managing power plants is a constant battle against the risks and uncertainties of equipment aging, staffing issues and environmental factors. Without a doubt, one of the greatest challenges in accurately estimating lifecycle costs is the unpredictability of equipment failure. Even with regular scheduled inspections, sudden failures can drive up repair & maintenance costs unexpectedly, especially for assets which have crossed the 10-12 year age threshold.

This article looks at how can power plant owners gain full visibility over asset lifecycle costs to increase overall profitability.


Gas Turbine Maintenance And Performance Monitoring From User Perspective


Ir. Ismail Musa 
Principal Engineer 

Plant Maintenance - The Human Factor


Sankar M K Samy 
Plant Manager 
PPSB Power Plant